Essentials Oils and Aromatherapy Basics

There are a variety of ways that an essential oil can be used for the many benefits it gives out. The whole room or house can be filled with aromatic scents or use it for a massage which soothes your skin and muscles. It is the same smell that you get to notice the moment you enter into a chiropractor’s office.

How to use essential oils for Aromatherapy

You can add a few drops of oil in the water spray bottle and use it as an air freshener. You can also use a few drops on unscented candles before you light them up converting them into aromatherapy oil burners.

Some aromatherapy oils work best when applied directly onto the skin in form of a massage. You can use lavender essential oil from this complete collection here in order to relieve headache by massaging your temples with it. You can also use aromatherapy oils as air fresheners and odor repellant while cleaning objects in your house. You can use geranium aromatherapy oil found here which a great odor repellant is. The same geranium essential oil can dispense feet odor from shoes and socks once a few drops are left in it overnight.

Things to know about aromatherapy oils

Some aromatherapy oils have these basic properties:

  • Can be kept in the bottle for one to three years.
  • You can add a base oil to enhance their shelf life and use life as well.
  • You should keep your bottles like your medicine, in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and children
  • If you keep it in a ready to use eye dropper bottle, do not tighten the cap too much.
  • Aromatherapy oil burners can be used for aromatic fragrance dispensing in your room as well as the house by simply keeping it in a corner.