How to use lavender oil for sleep  

Beaugtiful realxing Flower


There are a variety of ways that lavender essential can be used by us. Lavender is the king of all essential oils that probably is the best bet for you in every regard. You can use it as an aroma while you sleep to enhance deep sleep cycles which are proven scientifically as well. Scented candles of lavender can be ordered online here. Moreover there are many other ways to use Lavender oil. Some of them include:Aromatherapy Massage


You can use lavender essential oil from this complete collection here in order to relieve headache by massaging your temples with it. This reduces stress after a long day work and helps you in your sleep and general relaxation.

Aromatic diffuser

You can simply put some drops of lavender oil on a tissue paper and put it under the pillow before you sleep. This works as a diffuser putting out a fragrant smell that induces a better and deep sleep. You can order a bottle of lavender oil here where a complete set of essential oil is available.

Sleep Pillow

Apart from putting a tissue paper under your pillow you can order the pillow itself which has lavender fragrance to help you sleep and relax better. You can order the pillow here. This removes the hassle of using a dropper and tissue paper every night and therefore gives you the ease of just falling asleep whenever you want.

Aromatic therapy

This is the easiest way to put out lavender smell in your room before you sleep. There a couple of methods by which you can give lavender induced aroma in your bedroom either before sleeping or all throughout the day. You can add a few drops in a spray bottle to make an air freshener. You can also add a few drops on unscented candles to convert them into scent candles. However, you can also buy lavender scented intense sticks here which you can simply burn to get the required smell in the room.