Oil Burner & Candle Safety Information

At Draco Supplies, we supply a large variety of candle holders, candles and oil burners. All of our products come with the standard safety warnings that we advise our customers to follow at all times. We have also put together the following safety information regarding the use of these products. If you have any further enquiries with regards to any of these products, please contact our friendly customer services team for more information.

The following information should always be followed when using a candle holder or oil burner product:

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Burn out of the reach of children and pets
Always place a burning candle/oil burner on a suitable surface away from flammable objects
Extinguish candles with a candle snuffer, do not blow them out. Never use water to extinguish a candle
Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on candles. Remove all packaging before use
Do not allow hot wax to come into contact with skin
Always use a standard tea light candle for all oil burner products
Please take care when moving an oil burner/ candle holder as these may get hot while in use. Leave sufficient time for the product to cool down
Always ensure the oil is diluted before using with an oil burner
Not all oil burners are suitable for wax melt products
Candles for hanging or outdoor use should be carefully secured at all times

Always make sure that you don’t let the oil burners burn dry, as they can crack leaving them un safe to use, as they may leak oil or wax once they have burnt dry. Always check for cracks and if you find any or the burner starts leaking when you first use make sure you blow candle out and dispose of the oil burner as it is not safe for use any more.